Bombproofing Your Horse


Horse Bombproofing Clinics

Crossroads Ranch Bombproofing Clinics are designed to desensitize your horse to stimulus in the environment that he deems dangerous. Bombproofing your horse means your horse will go where he is being pointed, no matter what and will develop his faith in you as his leader. 

This bombproofing clinic will make your horse a more trusting animal. One who will rely on your judgment over what he considers unacceptable by teaching three main concepts to the equine enthusiast:

  1. An understanding of what to do in worst case scenarios.
  2. An understanding on how to read your horse’s physical cues.
  3. Knowledge of what he will do before he does it and then what action you should take to minimalize his fearful reaction. 

The objective of the bombproofing clinic is for horse and rider to be able to complete a preset series of tasks despite your horse’s perception of danger. You will learn to maintain control and finesse in the face of smoke, fire, flares, predatory calls, spooky objects, moving objects, firecracker blasts, strobe lights, bubbles, water, bullwhips, and much more. This is an excellent clinic for trail riders and arena riders alike who frequently travel to new and unknown locations. Crossroads also provides bombproofing clinics for mounted patrol and search and rescue units.


Build Confidence & Trust