Path of the Horseman - Objective 4


Objective 4

Sending Concepts

Driveline-Imaginary line from the withers down to the girth.

Body positioning- Stand up straight. Careful not to disengage the hindquarters by bending your body.


Phases of Pressure:

  1. Point
  2. Swing overhand with rhythm
  3. Pop once for every two rotations of your swing


Horse's Responsibilities:

  1. Attention
  2. Direction
  3. Speed


Flying Transitions

  1. Switch rope in hands
  2. Step into horse’s path
  3. Point, swing, pop
  4. Step back to original position



  • More obstacles, squeezes, sending and side passing



Practice sending horse through or around cones.

Make it interesting!

Practice transitions and remember the steering wheel and gas pedal.


Spend some time just being with your horse when not working on groundwork. Take a chair to the pasture and read a book. Be a member of the herd.